“AICE provides a unique intellectual experience that is unparalleled by any other interdisciplinary program. Emphasis on critical thinking and analysis allows students to get the most out of their education” 
– Rendy Fernandez, University of Pennsylvania 

“AICE is a highly interdisciplinary program that allows students to quickly become engaged in high level, in-depth academic work suited to their own interests.”
– Keaton Ufheil, Vanderbilt University 

“The AICE curriculum’s flexibility allows students to let their passions and interests, rather than rigid requirements, guide the learning process. As opposed to enforcing learning through memorization, AICE requires students to be taught conceptual and analytical skills that are applicable beyond high school.”
-Kaylee Bement, Stanford University

“My four years in the Cambridge AICE program made my transition to college life much easier. The university-level work I did in the AICE program taught me the responsibility I needed to be successful in my freshman classes, and the credits I earned in the process saved me money in tuition.”
-Vasilios Koupelis, University of Central Florida (Aerospace Engineering)

“After graduating from North Fort Myers High School, I have realized how essential the AICE program has been to my intellectual development. Not only do I feel well-prepared for the academics at my college, but I have been able to have several thought-provoking conversations with my peers and professors by drawing information directly from material I learned in my AICE classes at North. Where other programs promote memorization, AICE encourages its students to focus on the depth of knowledge.”
-Melissa Biggs, Dartmouth College (Engineering Sciences & Anthropology)

AICE at North Fort Myers High School

The Cambridge program is divided into two categories:

  • Pre-AICE Courses (Honors Weighted) for the 9th & 10th Grade (also called IGCSE)
  • AICE Courses for the 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th Grade

The Cambridge AICE program offers two examination periods throughout the school year.  The first is October and November, while the second more commonly used session takes place in May and June.  Please be aware that AICE examinations are frequently scheduled after the final day of school, but this does NOT excuse candidates from testing.  All students at North High who choose to enroll in AICE courses are EXPECTED to take the examinations.

AICE Programs of Study

The North High AICE program offers eight different areas of focus, each one designed to prepare students for a seamless transition into post-secondary education.For information on our recommendations regarding potential course progressions within the Programs of Study

Benefits of the Cambridge AICE Program

  • AICE is a four year program.  AICE students will be eligible for college credits during their freshmen year and every subsequent year at North High.
  • AICE is flexible.  Many of our students are involved in the Center for Arts and Media, Athletics, Clubs and Organizations, as well as AICE.
  • As students complete AICE requirements they are simultaneously completing all necessary Florida high school diploma requirements.
  • Using a combination of AICE, AP, and DE courses offered on campus as North, students can earn up to 45 college credit hours.
  • A student earning the AICE diploma is guaranteed the top Florida Bright Futures Scholarship. 

What are the differences between AICE and IB?

Both the Cambridge AICE program and the International Baccalaureate program are advanced academic curriculum, with an established history and exemplary track record of success.  AICE, however, does offer students more flexibility in class selection and timing for college.

A student must pass six AICE exams to earn the AICE diploma.  Students are required to pass one exam from three categories: Mathematics/Sciences, Language, and Humanities.  The other three classes may be from any category, so students can customize their schedules to target a specialized area of study that will better prepare them as they progress upwards to the university level and eventually, the workforce.

For example, a student wishing to study Mechanical Engineering or Biomedical Sciences might schedule 4 Math/Science, 1 Language, and 1 Humanities for their AICE classes, while a student studying Criminology or Law might prefer 1 Math/Science, 1 Language, and 4 Humanities.

Another AICE advantage is the students ability to take AICE classes and exams at any stage in their high school career, starting in 9th grade.  AICE students at North who take exams all four years are able to position themselves for an AICE diploma by the end of theirjunior year.

Having the AICE diploma on their resume when applying to colleges during the fall of their senior year helps students further differentiate them from other applicants who will not learn of their IB or AICE diploma status until the August after they graduate, when colleges have already chosen their freshmen applicants.

AICE Worldwide

American universities have responded enthusiastically to AICE.  The Florida Legislature has identified AICE as a graduation option and acceleration mechanism through which high school students can be awarded up to 45 hours of college credit. Students earning the AICE Diploma qualify for the maximum Florida Bright Futures tuition scholarship and students completing the curriculum can earn the Florida Medallion Scholars Tuition Award.

Students who complete the AICE curriculum will be provided the best possible foundation for advanced post secondary studies anywhere in the world.  North Fort Myers High School is proud to offer the AICE program in the United States.

AICE is recognized by every Ivy League Institution and is  accepted in more than 500 institutions nationwide, but they also have a college  recognition page on their website, which I would encourage you to check out,

CAMBRIDGE AICE Results Request – Graduating Seniors ONLY

Graduating seniors, as soon as you know which university or college you will be attending please complete the AICE Transcript Request Form, which is now completed digitally. Directions on how to complete this process can be found here.  If you have any questions please contact Mr. Ridgeo in S-1129.

Please keep in mind this service is NOT used in conjunction with the admissions application, but rather as an official means to send your results to the school you will attend in the summer or fall following your senior year. We suggest you request your results in April or May of the senior year instead of waiting until June. The CIE offices will send your junior/prior years examination results statements and then send an additional result statement once the grades from your final examinations have been released.

Note, if a student transfers from one university to another, it is typical that the second institution will require a certifying statement be sent instead of accepting the transfer from the first institution.

If you are attending a Florida university or college, please make sure to speak to the financial aid office about deferring the tuition payment date pending your AICE results or AICE Diploma certification. Always take the name of the university or college representative you work with when taking care of this. This way if a staff member is not being informed about their university’s policies regarding AICE and credit by exams, the CIE office can deal with it more effectively. Most Florida admissions offices will be familiar with British GCE AS and A Levels or Cambridge AICE. Admissions offices outside of Florida are more familiar with the term British GCE AS and A Levels, which are the examinations required to pass at the AS or A level for the AICE Diploma – it is possible you may have to ask to speak to whomever deals with international student applications.

Again, AICE results for May/June testing typically become available in mid-August, so your final statement of results will be sent after this date.  When completing the form you need to enter the individual testing sessions you enrolled in, NOT the individual tests you took. Also, you will need NFMHS Centre Number – US823.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Jeremy Ridgeo.